Fitness Equipment Visualization – Leg Press

Original price was: ₹139,999.00.Current price is: ₹119,999.00.

  • Real-Time 3D Product visualization.
  • Interactive 360° View of product on the website.
  • Labelling of various parts.
  • Immersive AR experience.
  • Ground Plane Detection.
  • Horizontal Placement.
  • Simple finger touch operations.
  • Reposition of product.
  • Real-Time Colour and Texture Customization.
  • Dimensions of product in AR view.
  • Real-Time Reflections.
  • Real-Time Shadows.
  • Supports a wide range of Android and Apple Devices.

Web AR in e-commerce provides an improvement and rapid growth in the e-commerce business modules. AR & VR applications for e-commerce enhance brand awareness and also increase the customer experience. The trend of online businesses increases enormously; in this case, 360 Product Simulation and AR adaptation is the best way to uplift the e-commerce services to stand ahead in this competitive market. We at EFFE Technology help the e-commerce business minimize their return rater by providing a real-time 3D view of the product details. It helps to understand the product better and improves decision making. AR in e-commerce engages the customers with a realistic picture of how an item appears in-store; thereby, the buying process simplifies and fastens.


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